Our Mission: Distributed, Sustainable Liquid Fuels

Our Vision

Global Energy’s vision is to develop sustainable, distributed sources of liquid fuels that advance the local economic and environmental interests of the world’s urban and rural communities. Toward this end, Global Energy continuously sources proof-of-concept technologies and selectively commercializes them with the assistance of strategic partners and institutional investors.
Global Energy believes that producing local fuels from local feedstocks for local consumption achieves an ongoing virtuous cycle whereby economic and environmental interests synergistically reinforce one another.

Our Vision

What is “Renewable” Diesel?

Diesel fuel is comprised of two of basic elements: carbon and hydrogen hence the general term “hydrocarbons” used to describe a range of gaseous, liquid and solid substances, one of which is diesel fuel. Typically, diesel fuel is derived from oil that required 100’s of millions of years for Mother Nature to form and is therefore considered a depleting resource.

However, since carbon and hydrogen are present in everything that grows, the ability to derive these elements from organic materials and to assemble them into diesel fuel would represent a “renewable” source of energy.

What is “Renewable” Diesel?

The KDV Technology Process: Making “Renewable” Diesel

Today, Global Energy in partnership with a major US corporation is in the final stages of commercializing the KDV process to produce “renewable” diesel fuel. Developed and patented by Dr. Christian Koch, a senior Siemens scientist for thirty years, the KDV process utilizes a proprietary, catalytic depolymerization process to convert materials containing carbon and hydrogen into diesel fuel.
Inspired by Mother Nature, Dr. Koch combined ubiquitous, natural catalysts with a novel, friction turbine to replicate in minutes what once took 100’s of millions of years.

The KDV Technology Process:                               Making “Renewable” Diesel



Global Energy Inc. (GEYI:OB), a Nevada registered corporation, was founded to become a world leader in alternative fuel production. The company's goal is to source, commercialize and deploy innovative technologies that advance the economic and environmental characteristics of liquid fuels. Global Energy’s business model is a combination of projects it will build, own and operate, JV’s and technology licensing agreements. Presently, Global Energy has one drop-in diesel program based on catalytic depolymerization and one biodiesel program based on a unique, enzymatic process that are in the final stages of commercial preparation. In addition, the company has another drop-in diesel program it is the process of moving from laboratory proof of concept to commercial scale.


Our Commitment: Cutting Edge Technology

Commercializing innovative technologies which produce energy from renewable sources, while contributing to a vision of a cleaner environment. Global Energy is constantly seeking and working to make use of the most efficient and environmentally friendly of all currently available alternative fuel technologies, each originally developed and patented by acclaimed scientists.

- CEO - Asi Shalgi